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Thursday, April 24, 2008

What They Were Thinking

By Cardinal John

Here's a snippet from one of favorite Cardinal blogs, Fungoes: "Happily, the team corrected the problem today, but we’re concerned about the thought process that animated such a reckless decision."

This was regarding the decision to option Washington (536 OPS; .158 BA) instead of the expected Brad Thompson. The decision to go short handed in the infield caused some unorthodox moves to say the least. Fungoes does a great job of explaining the potential disaster that could have occurred from having too many pitchers.

The slight injury to Izturis has forced the call-up of Brendan Ryan (SS) and the demotion of Thompson.

However, I offer these thoughts on the aforementioned "thought process".

A. There have been several times that TLR has played his cards differently than the norm. Yet, often times it seems as though those gambles have paid off. No, they don't always work, but when they do they appear as genius.

B. It is clear that no one could have predicted the injury to Izturis. Had TLR known this, I doubt Washington would have been moved down.

C. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that player options had something to do with it. Washington was a flier and if I am not mistaken has never been called up before. I mean, if you don't want to lose an option on Thompson, who else are you going to send down?

D. TLR was having a tough time fitting Washington into the lineup as it was. And with that anemic OPS who's to blame him? Don't get me wrong, Rico was a feel good story about a guy finally getting his chance (been in the minors from 10+ years). 2/7 of Washington's appearances were in the outfield anyway.

All in all, I agree that sending Rico was prolly the wrong move. However, eating up one of Rico's options (especially if he is eligible for a 4th) is not half as bad as taking ANOTHER of Thompson's. However, the semi-injury to Izturis makes this all moot. the real question becomes: Why isn't Ludwick starting every game?

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