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Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Tony's Team

It's Tony's Team

By Cardinal 70

If nothing else, the 2008 Cardinals really do seem to be an embodiment of their manager's personality. "Play a hard 9" is his catchphrase, and the Cardinals definitely did that today against the Giants.

After being no-hit by Matt Cain through six innings, Albert Pujols broke it up with a double in the top of the seventh. That was what the Cardinals needed, because from there to the bottom of the ninth, the Cardinals ran off seven unanswered runs before an uncharacteristic rough outing for the closer forced the tenth. The Cards didn't miss a beat, though, and won it in the 10th.

Even though Chris Duncan got the game winning RBI, I think you have to give the Hero of the game to Ryan Ludwick, for his two-run, go-ahead homer in the ninth. Without Izzy's meltdown, he wins the game. Nice to see Rick Ankiel get another homer as well. And Anthony Reyes notched his first save, which is impressive as well.

The pitching was a little shaky today, though. Wellemeyer cruised for a while and did have seven strikeouts, but five runs in the sixth is tough to take. However, the Goat has to go to Jason Isringhausen for allowing two runs in the ninth. Thankfully, he was able to stop it there and force extras.

Tomorrow is Joel Pineiro vs. Tim Lincecum. It'd be great for the Cards to get in there and get another win, but even a split of the series is nice. It'll be tough hitting Lincecum, but today's game gives the Cards the idea that if they can hang close, they can win it against the bullpen. Can you blame them?

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