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Friday, April 18, 2008

That's How to Lose

That's How to Lose

By Cardinal John

This is how you want to lose a ball game. Fielder's quasi-pop fly had bifocals and dropped catastrophically into left field. This was the only reason why we went to extra innings. It's the way you want to lose. Last night, in my weekly poker match, I made it to head's-up play by some tight play at a loose table. I was short stacked but with confidence. I flop trip 8's. I go all in, my opponent calls with Q-4 of hearts. One heart on the flop. You know what came on the turn and the river. See that's what I'm talkin' about. That's how you want to lose. Put yourself in position to take care of those and we're talkin' October. Sure 3 runs isn't enough to install massive amounts of confidence, but we're going to have those games. I'm more than happy to take 2 outta 3 against the Brewers.

So....ehhh...Ludwick is on fire. I told ya! Actually, I've been yellin' about him for several seasons now. Huh? You checked my archives and you only saw one post on him. Okay...but I said I've been yellin' about him. I didn't necessarily mean posting. Anyhoo...I knew it. Proof or not. Now the question much staying power do Ludwick and co. have?

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