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Saturday, May 10, 2008

What should have been a win turned into a 2 out/bottom of the 9th loss.

It's just time for Tony [La Russa, manager], 'Dunc' [pitching coach Dave Duncan] and 'Mo' [general manager John Mozeliak] to figure out what to do," Isringhausen said. "Until I can get back on track or whatever the case might be, I'm sick of embarrassing myself and letting my team down."

In other words, Izzy knows he sucks more than everyone thinks but is forced to pitch by LaRussa and the front office because the rest of the bullpen is at the calibre of a Class A affiliate of Tajikistan. Thanks Bill for being a cheap bastahd.

"What do you want me to do, make him feel worse than he already does?" La Russa said, commenting on whether or not he may change closers after Izzy's blown save. "That's not our team's way of going about it. He feels worse than the fans do."

Apparently it's better to endure losses for the entire team rather than hurt the feelings of a pitcher who knows he needs work and is willing to accept that fact. Thanks Tony for hearing but not listening to Izzy when he tells you he's not up to speed, it takes a big man to throw an entire team into the trash bin for the sake of one average closer. Where you guys get an 'ace' reliever I have no idea, I haven't seen an ace worthy season from him since you acquired him.

"Now, I don't have an explanation. I'm pitching like a second-grader," Izzy said, commenting on a comparison to his 10 blown saves in 2006 due to injuries.

I tell you what Tony, this guy is telling you and everyone he is not up to speed right now and needs a break yet you're insisting on using him. If the Cardinals end up with another crap season after gutting the team in 2006, you are going to have a lot of pi**ed off Redbird fans who will be glad to see you gone when your contract is up. I for one am a big supporter of your work with them, but if it's getting to the point where you're ignoring the players when they tell you they aren't right mentally to play and you are sacrificing wins for the feelings of one player then I'd rather you were gone, and I know a lot of us fans feel that way.

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