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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Series Opener, Another Loss

Cards lost to the Royals 2-1 last night. No big deal. They'll just win the next two. They've only done that eight times this year. Why not nine?

With Davies being so unfamiliar to the Cards (and with no Pujols or Molina) it's not terribly surprising the offense struggled. Great pitching performance, though, by Hero Joel Pineiro. Too bad the Goat Ron Villone lost it for him. Granted, the Cards should have put up more runs, but giving up a HR in a situation like that is unacceptable.

VEB runs down the problems with the left side of the bullpen today. There's no doubt that something that was such a strength for the Cards just a couple of years ago is now there most glaring weakness. I mean, does anyone want to see Villone or Randy Flores in a game anytime soon, especially a close one? I don't think so. Not sure what the team will do about it, but with an offense that's likely to sputter, the Cards can't afford to give away games with a weak bullpen.

Good to see Jason Isringhausen back, though. The sooner he is healthy and ready to go mentally and can take the closer slot away from Ryan Franklin, the better in my book.

Todd Wellemeyer is going to miss his next start, meaning Anthony Reyes will take the mound. First, does anyone not think Wellemeyer is going to wind up on the DL? A missed start, a terrible outing, and then another missed start. Second, I'm excited to see what Reyes can do. I'd like to see him make the decisions coming up tough. Third, it is very interesting that Mulder is pitching on the same day at AAA Memphis. If Reyes flops, Wellemeyer is still hurt and Mulder dominates, I'd expect Mulder to be pitching in Detroit when that rotation spot next comes up.

Chris Carpenter's pain problem isn't really a problem, which is great news. They may take it a little easier on him for a while, but it's one of the few times where this situation comes out positive instead of more surgery being required. I personally feel much better about it when Dr. Andrews says it's fine. Not that we don't trust the Cardinal staff, it's that we don't trust the Cardinal staff.

Mulder on Thursday and Clement on Friday. Memphis is the place to be at the end of this week! Plus Carpenter, rematches of the last two Cardinal World Series and another skirmish with the Royals. I'm sure Mike will have plenty to talk about when he fills in. (Though you are stuck with me for another day!)

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