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Thursday, April 5, 2012

What's up with Pujols?

BY BERNIE MIKLASZ | Posted: Thursday, April 5, 2012 10:25 am | (0) comments. Here is an excerpt from today's Bernie Bytes blog: Albert Pujols . . . what's up with this guy? You may have read about his latest round of growling. Speaking to USA Today, Pujols indicated he didn't care if the Cardinals gave his No. 5 to another player. And writer Bob Nightengale indicated that Pujols doesn't care about receiving his 2011 World Series ring, and Pujols would be fine if Tony La Russa just dropped it off at some point this season. There was also a Pujols reference to "haters" in St. Louis. And Pujols ripped the Miami Marlins for, well, something. Three observations: (1) Pujols is a great player and he will have a monster year, because he's always at his best when fueled by rage; (2) This is the most insecure and overly sensitive star athlete I've seen in 30 years of covering pro sports; (3) Apparently no amount of money, not even $250 million, can buy happiness. It's really a shame that Pujols can't take the high road with Cardinals fans, and just ride out the inevitable period of bruised feelings. Leaving St. Louis wasn't going to be painless for anyone concerned, and I'm not sure why Pujols deems it necessary to reopen the wounds, instead of trying to engage in diplomacy. The Cardinals offered him $220 million. The Angels, bankrolled by a massive new TV deal, offered him a lot more. Pujols had every right to take the Angels' money. If that was the most important thing to him, then Pujols acted properly, because it's his life. It was his call. Pujols wasn't obligated to stay in St. Louis. He gave the Cardinals 11 extraordinary seasons and didn't owe the franchise a thing; if any player deserved to cash in on an epic deal, it was Pujols. If he wanted to leave, then leave. It's a business. Pujols should know better than to expect to have it both ways. You can't walk out of St. Louis, and still expect to be loved the way you were before. It's simply not possible.

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