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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nationals, Cardinals Interested In Jeff Weaver?

Nationals, Cardinals Interested In Jeff Weaver?

By Tim Dierkes

Whither Jeff Weaver? We haven't heard much about potential destinations for the 31 year-old righty. Probably has to do with his 6.20 ERA last year, but at least he's healthy.

Jeff's younger brother Jered piped up yesterday, saying that the Nationals and Cardinals have expressed interest. Hard to say if that interest is current or just occurred at some point this winter. But either team would do well to bring him in on a minor league deal. If he's holding out for a Major League contract it may be time to adjust expectations.

When teams have their rotations all lined up on paper during the spring, with their rose-colored glasses on, adding a guy like Weaver isn't terribly appealing. But perhaps this year Scott Boras will try a new ploy with Weaver and Kyle Lohse by letting them sit out until April or even May. We've seen the mercenary thing with Roger Clemens, but not so much with healthy, younger pitchers. A few starters get injured, others don't pan out, and suddenly maybe Lohse and Weaver cause bidding wars.

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